Bryan Caltims

Vega Radio Station EC

Bryan Caltims a.k.a Bryan Calderon was born in Ecuador on November 5th (1995) , at the age of 3 years old he traveled to Spain to have a better life with his parents and little brother , living in Valencia spain at the age of 12 his father wanted to teach him about the world of DJing , one strange fact is that he doesn't like this work, 2 years after he went with some friends to a popular club there in Valencia and saw how a DJ can move thousands of people , was there when he decided to take the same path , with 15 years old he started to learn about DJing and producing using softwares like FL Studio , VDJ , AcidPro etc.. was here when his love to the EDM started , he started to work in some clubs in Valencia getting experience djing live for the crowd , with 16 years old he came back to Ecuador , actually he's working and traveling arround his native country playing on the biggest clubs , events , festivals , radios etc... . Acording to he's chartes on the top 10 of best Ecuadorian DJs also he's supported by famous DJs like Hardwell , Martin Garrix , Leo V , Juicy M , AudioKiller and many others ...


Bryan Caltims:

A 18 years old producer from Ecuador.

Genres: Electro-House, Progressive & Big Room !

Young DJ Talent signed on EML RECORDS


Supported by : IHM MANAGEMENT , EML RECORDS , JUICY M , MARTIN GARRIX , HARDWELL , LEO V , , One Beat Record , Fly Productionz and many more...